Definitely Grateful

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Walking along the Pier in Ocean Bean last night, I was realizing just how happy I am about this blog. On January 1st, I set out to create a blog with the small idea to help spur us on to create a human connection. In the midst of that blog, I ended with a small statement: "Who knows, maybe we'll create community with each other along the way."

84 days later, I think we're doing exactly that. Surprisingly, it's not the challenges that I've most enjoyed with the addition of the "Creating Good" Facebook page, what I've enjoyed more than anything else is the community we are building.

I always hoped we'd be able to create an online bond like this, I just didn't realize how fast it could be done! This whole Facebook Group has helped me realize just how important it is to continue building and forging a healthy community. 

Keep posting, keep inviting others who care about this same stuff.

Let's continue to create practical good in our communities by uniting and inspiring each other through weekly challenges.

We've only scratched the surface.


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