Deeply Loved

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We attempt to give love to others by sacrificing ourselves. We give...and give...and give but forget about ourselves in the midst of our relational generosity.

Is there another way to lead that actually fulfills ourselves AND the people we are serving? 

I believe the answer it yes. In the hustle and bustle of life, I can often forget that I need to be deeply loved by others as I am pouring myself out. Why? In order to pour out, we need people pouring into us.

How do I let people deeply love me?

Before you are deeply loved, you HAVE to be deeply known. To be known requires the tough sacrifice of vulnerability. Or course, to be vulnerable with everyone is not healthy but to pick a couple trusted friends to be vulnerable with can change everything. Once you are able to be vulnerable with the ugly stuff is the same moment you can be known. Let's be vulnerable so that we can be known. And when we are deeply known, we can be deeply loved.

Are you letting trusted friends love you?

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