Daily Themes

Yesterday we talked about the three biggest changes coming to the blog starting monday...

  1. Topical Series- Focusing on one idea for several weeks.
  2. Weekly Challenges- The topical series will be split into weeks with a practical challenge weekly.
  3. Community Engagement-  I've started a Facebook group where we can spark dialogue about anything that revolves around the topic. This is a place where we can discuss the weekly challenges, share pictures, videos of us completing the challenges, and a place where we can be inspired by each other.

With that said, every topic that we discuss will be fleshed out through the week. Every day will shed light on a different aspect of the topic and motivate us to complete the weekly challenge.

Theme Days.png

Monday: Ideation Day- I will ask for ideas on the weekly challenge and we will discuss it through the Facebook group.

Tuesday: Our Collective- I will post ideas from our Facebook group discussion on the blog and we will all identify the the challenge, whether individually challenge or a collective challenge for the week.

Wednesday: Diving Deeper- A Blog about the 'Why' behind the topic that we're focusing on.

Thursday: Book Quote- An outside voice who can speak into the topic and inspire us to complete the weekly challenge.

Friday: Radical Living- I will complete the challenge in my own life and and post about it on the blog!

Saturday: Fantastic Person Award- Interview someone who is consistently living out the challenge

Sunday: Highlights of the Week- Highlighting our community wins throughout the past week.

 Please join the Facebook Group as this will be VITAL to our tribe.


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