Create A Space

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Everyday in college my friends and I would have a common meeting place. Sometimes I wouldn't show-up, sometimes my friends would do likewise; regardless, there was always a consistency and safety in knowing I had the choice to have community. 

My large friend group would always have one table reserved for dinner every night. When I walked into the cafe and made my way over to the table I would almost always get a feeling of warmth, like I could relax, like I could be myself. 

Today as I sat in Church with many friends, I felt the same feelings as I did when walking into that cafe. The future is bright when I think about the many times in which I have the opportunity to feel that same sense of warmth with other people. It's not what we talk about, what we listen to, or what we laugh about as much as it is simply being together. 

A consistent place to meet with the people we care about is integral for a community that is characteristic of warmth. 

Let's create a consistent space for our people.

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