Choose your Battles

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Let me tell you how many things went wrong in the past two hours in what was suppose to be a simple drive to Ocean Beach, California (30 minutes from where I live):

  1. Hit traffic
  2. Went to get gas at two separate locations, both were taped off
  3. Made a wrong turn that add 15 minutes to Ocean Beach while low on gas
  4. Found an extremely expensive gas station and paid more $10 more than usual
  5. Made my final wrong turn that added 10 minutes as I got stuck in traffic
  6. Finally arrived at the coffeeshop and they didn't have black coffee
  7. Alerted me they close within 45 minutes

Sometimes things go our way, but most of the time they seem to not (especially when you refuse to use google maps when you repeatedly make wrong turns). 

What do we do when the little things can so easily turn into big things?

Don't let them. I easily could have gotten frustrated with myself and the situation, but what good would that have done? We all pick battles, some of us pick things we can't control: Traffic, people, or our president. I choose to pick battles that I can make a practical change within. I choose the battle of community.

What battles are you choosing?

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