Choose to have a Choice

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Often times we like to tell ourselves that someone "made" me...(fill in the blank). Just like the Taylor Swift lyrics: "Oh, look what you made me do", many of us can live in a sad reality to live that someone else is actually has control of our actions. We would like to think someone else has the power to make us act a certain way because it takes the responsibility out of our own hands. So we let others have the power, and relinquish our own freedom because it's easier. Luckily, unless you are actually held captive, there's hope.

"You have a choice."

This is something I've been telling myself consistently over the past several weeks. 

  • You have a choice to be stressed
  • You have a choice to be frustrated
  • You have a choice to be joyful

Did you know that if you smile for 15 seconds, you will most likely feel more positive? Go ahead, try it, you probably look crazy right now. HA.

It starts with a choice. Choose to laugh, choose to love, choose to have a choice.

Choose to have a choice

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