Categorizing Relationships?

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I believe it's okay to organize your friends into levels of intimacy. 

Humanity's Tribe usually rang from 100 to 200 people. The average is 148 but we will round to 150. Out of those 150 are differing levels of intimacy. This is what they look like...

  1. 95 Friends-  These are people you see every once in a while. These are usually people in your proximity in where conversations generally revolve around the weather. This could be co-workers, church people and neighbors.

  2. 35 Diners- These are people that you wouldn't mind dining with in a group setting. Often times these people would be characterized as friends who enjoy you spending time with on occasion.

  3. 15 Confidants- These are the people you don't mind getting coffee with a couple times a month. They are people who you can reach out to for advice and support. You speak highly of these people.

  4. 5 Pillars- These are your ride or dies.,those who your life would be radically changed without. They are there for you at 3 AM as much as they are for you at 3 PM. These are you influencers. These are your people.

I look at this categorizing and my pillars are strong category but my weakest is my confidants. I believe deeper levels of intimacy can be reached with these people in my life. Social health is progressing your pillar relationships over time and identifying your confidant relationships. Relationships are always moving, it's your choice if those friendships are moving towards greater intimacy or greater mediocrity.

Which category is your strongest and which needs to be improved?

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