Busyness kills Relationships

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When things get busy, relationships are the first to go. When we're in a season of busyness, it's easy to forgo that movie night or that coffee date with friends. We think relationships will always be there so the homework assignments or the laundry takes precedence. Once we get into this habit of prioritizes tasks over relationships, our social health deteriorates gradually and with it our emotional health as well.

So what do we do when we find ourselves stuck in this Capitalistic cycle of tasks and forgoing our community? 

We tend to be intentional with our physical, emotional, and spiritual health but when do we do the same for our social health? Start being intentional about the important people in your life. Whoever those people are, let's make sure they are not the first to go when our calendar gets filled. When it comes to social health, you simply have to make time for the those who are important in your life, no excuses.

Do you make time for those who are important in your life?


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