Best Week in San Diego?

This morning I asked myself, why has this week been one the best weeks while being in San Diego over the past 6 months?

 Then, I had a break through!

All week long, my subconscious thought was to remove everything out of my daily schedule that would only cloud the most important things. So, I removed useless phone time, excessive talking in the office, & long lunch breaks. I did this so I could add more focused time on the tasks that truly mattered to me: Reading, exercise, journaling, my 3 most important job tasks, intentional conversations, and sleep! Every time I say yes to something, I'm also saying to no to something else. I realized that I was saying yes to watching hours of youtube videos while at the same time saying no to working out, journaling, and sleep! I decided to say yes to the important things and no to the useless things.

Minimalism is more than just getting rid of your stuff. Minimalism is an intentional choice to remove excess and clutter so that you may focus on the values that are truly important. When your juggling so many things, you'll drop them all! In most of our cases, dropping may mean accomplishing...but only in a mediocre way. 

So I ask you the same question I asked myself this past week: 

What can you remove out of your daily schedule that only hinders you from focusing on the stuff that matters most to you?

Just a thought for the day!