Be Impatient

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I'm impatient, it's my fatal flaw. I never want to stay in one place, I always want to do, never want to simply be. On the other hand, it's my greatest strength, I refuse to be stagnant, I'm always searching to better myself no matter the cost. 

What should we be patient for?

What should we not be patient for?

I decided yesterday that I refuse to be patient about generosity. Maybe my other dreams can wait, but this one will not. It cannot. We have the flaw of waiting until the perfect generous moment comes upon us. As we get older these moments wain into clicking a button on a screen that reads "GIVE" in big bold letters. But if we're being honest with ourselves, we all know there is more to generosity that letting someone else do the work we refuse to do ourselves.

Let's define Generosity as the expenditure of time and energy for the good of someone else without expecting a return.

What are we doing that is generous?

To answer my own question, I don't know. To respond to my own answer, I'm not okay with it.

Are you generous?



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