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I have the opportunity to take a trip up to LA for a couple days. Sitting in a coffeeshop with the bible cracked, a woman comes up and asks, "So what Church are you from?", not realizing she was talking to me, I was glad when my girlfriend spoke up and answered, "EastLake Church!". After a couple more introductory sentences, we all slowly become more comfortable sharing parts of our narrative as the minutes pass by. 

Anna was her name. She moved from Texas to LA just a couple weeks ago. She had the ability to make the complex simple as she slowly unfolded her life to us as Kaelia and I did the same. Soon enough, we were sharing some of the hardest elements of our lives and how hope had come into our lives through it. A two hour conversation started with a simple question, "So what Church are you from?".

What's the lesson I learned from Anna? Learn to ask one question, sometimes that's all you need to start a transformational conversation.

Ask more questions

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