All In or All Out

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When I was younger my parents tell me that I had a really hard time not getting my way because once I decided on something there was no going back. With my most poignant dreams, I still believe this is true.

I’ve realized that I am an all in or all out type of person. I’m either 0 or 100. As I get older, I’ve tried to understand the positives and negatives of such a trait. Positives: such as my ability to focus or my commitment to relationships. Negatives: The bad is that I struggle if I’m juggling too much because I do not have the ability to go all in on anything.

I believe there are some things in life that does not require an “all in or all out” mentality. Sometimes doing something halfway can lead to doing other things all the way. We just have to decide what’s worth the effort of being 100% committed.

What’s worth going all in for?

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