We planned to meet at Starbucks, 100 steps away from my work; but then I see a voicemail on my screen:

"Hey! So I took my car into the shop and it's still not done. Could we possibly meet at Agave?" 

I respond, "Sure!", not realizing that Agave was 30 minutes away! I try not to be frustrated as I get in my car, but I can't seem to help myself when I realize that it was 4 PM on a Friday... rush hour. 

"I can't believe this right now, why did I agree to this." I say sitting with 394,133 other cars at a stop light. Hot headed, I try to calm myself down, "Well, I guess this at least communicates that I care enough to drive all this way to meet with her".

As soon as I reframed this predicament, everything changed. We met, we talked, and two hours later we went our separate ways. To be honest, it was one of the best conversations I've had in weeks.

Looking back, I started forming this situation as a problem, and with the 30 minute commute during rush hour, this is most natural. Yet, through looking for any silver lining I could find (Communicating care), I started re-wiring my brain to look at this situation as an opportunity. 

It's natural to look at unplanned predicaments as a problem. This gives us an excuse to be mad. But what if we looked at unplanned predicaments as an opportunity? Problem Vs. Opportunity - Negative Vs. Positive -Who wins?

What situations are you shaping as a problem instead of an opportunity in your life?