Above the Emotional Roller Coaster

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My cousin Jesse and I sneak out of the house. Knowing that just the day before we burnt a lot of wood, there might be a possibility to revive the fire if we are able to stir up the coals. We run towards the still smoldering heap of ashes, pick up large firm sticks and start stirring it like soup. After only five minutes, we see the fire burst from the heap of ruble. Standing there completely satisfied at the job we just accomplished, I here my aunt yell, “JAKE JESSE PUT WATER ON THE FIRE AND GET INSIDE”. In that moment, I remember only having one thought:

“Oh no, how mad is Mom and Dad going to be when they find out what I did?”

It’s so easy to be petrified or even mortified once you know that someone might find out what you’ve done. This fear could be triggered by forgetting to pick something up from the grocery store or breaking a promise you’ve made with someone. Often times, this is how we view our relationship with God: “Oh no, what is God going to think"?

Today I am grateful that my God never is overcome with anger or reacts out of frustration. A being who is so intimately involved in my life but is still able to stand above my emotional rollercoasters is a God who is worthy to be served.

How do you think God Responds to you?

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