A Tool to Transform Your Relationships

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How come my relationships are not as vibrant as they could be?

  • Relationships are the first to go when things get busy. 

  • Relationships are the first to go when we get lazy.

  • Relationships are the first to go when trials appear.

In my hectic lifestyle, I've often don't schedule relational time with people, one-on-one coffee dates, dinners, or mentoring conversations. It's easy to prioritize tasks over people because it's tangible. We think relationships will always be there so the assignment or the laundry takes precedence.

It makes a lot more sense to me to practically show you the tasks I completed; though, the best things in life are often not tangible and cannot be fit into a box. Who are the people in your life that you could give more attention to? Whoever they are, let's make sure they are not the first to go when our calendar gets filled.

Attempt to schedule your day with people taking the priority over your tasks.


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