A Story Retold

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I've come pretty close to giving up on close relationships. The breakup felt like losing a best friend, that rumor felt like a 500 pound weight on my chest, and the unfair critique of my personhood nearly destroyed me. These are all terrible memories of relationships gone sour. Not understood, not heard, and not loved have been the pillars for these recollections to stand on. 

I was reading a book this morning and this stanza breathed life into my experience:

Can your story be retold? Can all of the various things that have happened to you and the things you have done you’d prefer to never think about again and the embarrassing parts and the painful parts—can all of it be retold in such a way that the worst parts become the most powerful, poignant parts?
— Rob Bell

Maybe you're close to letting the painful memories be the reason to which you succumb to shallow relationships.  Maybe the breakup, rumor, or unfair critique appeared to be the last straw.

Whatever you're feeling, don't give up just yet.

A story can be retold.

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