A Loss of Inspiration

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Ever since I can remember, I have always hit a low during the months of September and October. I wouldn’t call it depression because thoughts of being worthless or hopeless are not present. My Willpower along with minor symptoms of sleeping issues and low energy characterize these two months.

During these two months periods, I take comfort in two things:

  • I don’t know why these two month low always hits, but what I have noticed is the affects become less and less impactful as the years go on. Of course, this is no accident as I have actively worked against my low energy and willpower.

  • I am confident that many of you understand this loss of inspiration. I repeat this mantra to myself often: “This too shall pass”. By the time the holiday season comes, I often slowly come out of my funk until I hit the new year. These feelings won’t last forever is key during these periods.

When do you go through your low points? Maybe it is now, may be it’s during the winter months, either way, know a loss of inspiration is okay.

How do you respond to your low seasons of life?

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