A Guilt-Free Christmas! (1 Days left)

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You want to have a guilt free Christmas! So do I, but so many people gain weight by not being active and then feel convicted during their vacation. NOBODY wants to feel guilty during Christmas! For the 16 days leading up to Christmas Eve, join me and others by posting your healthy habit in the Facebook Group and all of us will help you stick to it! This Challenge begins tomorrow so post today! I don't know about you, but I want to take a bite of that ham on Christmas feeling guilt-free.

Here are some examples from others to help you as you have one day left to decide your health habit!

  • Mike: Some sort of physical exercise every day.

  • Brenda: To drink 125 ounces of daily water and to work out one hour daily (hoping 2 but will vomit to one).

  • Yasmine: I open the Bible app before I open any other app when I wake up

  • Oscar: Waking up every morning and say, thank you Lord that I am still here.

I hope you will join me and many other people in creating a health habit and sticking to it starting this Saturday until Christmas Eve.

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