A Guilt-Free Christmas!

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You want to have a guilt free Christmas! So do I, but so many people gain weight by not being active and then feel convicted during their vacation. NOBODY wants to feel guilty during Christmas! For the 16 days leading up to Christmas Eve, join me and others and post your healthy habit in the Facebook Group and we’ll help each other stay committed! This Challenge begins in just three days (on Saturday). I don't know about you, but I want to take a bite of that ham on Christmas feeling guilt free.

I am planning on doing a 16 day challenge. The goal of this challenge is to create a stick to one health habit before Christmas Eve. It could be…

  1. Daily Walk

  2. 20 Pushups daily

  3. Eating less than 2,000 calories daily

Imagine going into Christmas Vacation knowing that you earned the time off? Imagine going into the New Year knowing that you are already healthy?

Are you going to join me?

Post in our Facebook Group what your healthy habit will be! If you do, I will send you the custom made calendar for this challenge.

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