Remarkable Fruit

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A friend gave me this painting as a gift many years ago. Looking at it today reminded me of something.

As humans, we have a very hard time seeing a connection between our daily lives and our legacy. I noticed that I often have downhill habits but uphill dreams. Over the past two years, I've been able to see the connection between my daily actions and my long-term legacy through a metaphor.

I've always adored trees. That's quite a peculiar statement but I believe the best picture of growth can be found in a tree. A solid tribe of people is the soil that our roots are forged and out of the roots comes a trunk and branches which ultimately produces fruit. Our daily actions are our fruit, a product of who we are.

I hope my fruit brings life to others, seeds in which help to grow someone else's tree and cultivate their fruit. This blog is apart of my fruit in which I pray someone uses as soil to continue developing their healthy tree. This blog is also a way to find a tribe of people who are creating remarkable fruit of their own that I can sow back into my life. 

The fruit I produce today will be my legacy tomorrow. 

Let's forge remarkable fruit today friends.