6 Words That Changed Everything

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Your story can be re-written.

Sitting in a cabin-like coffeeshop, she looks at the notes she wrote about me. Hearing the San Diego waves as we were on a pier in a beach town called Ocean Beach, I was fascinated in what she had to say. Somewhere during this conversation I snapped the picture above. I didn’t realize that the next 6 words that came out of her mouth would radically change the way I viewed myself.

The things is, I always thought that I couldn’t love people well because of my lack of empathy. This was true until I was introduced to a man named Bob Goff. Reading his books, listening to his talks, I realized that I was tired of only giving what I thought I would be given back in return. I started to love people with no agenda, with no strings attached. I started to talk about, write about, sing about, pray about loving people big. Whether it be not withholding complements, being generous with my time, or asking questions, I was attempting to change, not knowing if it was working.

With my soon-to-be-girlfriend at the time, she spoke this 6 word sentence, that helped me realize that the future chapters of my life don’t have to look like the ones in the past.

She spoke: “You take care of your people”.

Instantly getting something in both of my eyes, tears started rolling down my cheek, realizing that those 6 words were all I wanted to be for so long.

It’s easy to think we can’t change.

You’ve lived in a pattern that sustains mediocrity and you’re tired of it. You’re frustrated that everyone else seems to be happy and in relationship with others. You’re fearful that your next transaction won’t go through because you live paycheck to paycheck.

Can I tell you something? You have permission to change. You don’t have to stay the way you are right now. If there is hope for me, there is most certainly hope for you.

You Can Change

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