36 Hours

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Being a camp counselor, I was trapped in a cabin with six boys for a week straight. Entertaining them with fun games, tie-dye Thursdays, and food contests was a lot to deal with. Around the fourth weekend, I felt completely overwhelmed by this task.

Having only 36 hours off, I call my parents right after the worst week on the job, with a overwhelmingly grateful feeling of putting up with my shenanigans, I start completely bawling on the phone. Thanking them for their labor of love in raising such a child as myself. After I finish my five-minute rant, my dad simply responds... “thank you, that means a lot. Now, get some sleep.” Later I would realize that the emotions were real, but were extremely heightened due to my exhaustion.

Being tired sensationalizes all emotions. It’s easier to not make rash decisions based on emotions when you are tired if you are simply aware of the fact that you are tired!

When you’re tired, know that you are tired.

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