3 Tips to Get Back on Track Pt. 2

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So you've had a tough summer. Those goals and habits you created two months ago are nowhere to be found. You want to get back on track… but you don't know how! Here are my three tools that have actually worked in my life.

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  2. Create a Schedule

  3. Don't go alone

Health always comes through structure. There are things that are vital to your existence such as finances, family, friends, growth etc., we need to make sure our weekly schedule includes the elements that are vital to our existence. I explicitly set up specific times during my week that I address one of the elements of life (I like to call them values). For example, Tuesday through Friday I work out at the gym at 6:30 AM. The more specified we can get, the better chance we have at addressing each value.

This whole "vital to your existence" language might come across as dramatic, but for those of you who have epically failed in one of your values, such as your family by having highly dysfunctional relationships, you most certainly relate to this verbiage. So, let's make sure we ate at least maintaining our values.

What is your weekly schedule?

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