3... 2... 1... Launch!

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It's so easy to get stuck in our heads. Having all these ideas, dreams, and visions for the future but never doing the necessary actions today to get where we want to be tomorrow is a terrible place to be. Overlooking the ocean, I talked to a friend that feels utterly debilitated by this reality. "I know what I need to do but I don't ever commit to the action" he said.

I told him about the 1969 Spaceship Launch of Apollo 11. As they surely counted off to the official lift off we can only imagine the resistance in the veins of those astronauts. "3...2...1 launch!" As they lifted off the surface of the Earth they probably felt a relief that the first big step was finished. 

Just as the first spaceship to reach the moon took off in 1969, so do we have to 3...2...1 launch!" in our lives. If we wait until we feel like working out, journaling, or reading a book we will never form a consistent habit because we will at some point not feel it. When you know what you should be doing, close your eyes and countdown until launch, and do it, no matter how strong the resistance.

We practiced this as we got up and randomly went for a short hike because we felt like it. We didn't overthink it, we just counted down and launched. As we looked over the waves, we both felt better that we launched on an idea.

We won't always feel like loving people through a text, coffee date, or a letter but it is important to find the motivation to be intentional with the people we care most about.

Consistently launch into actions that create community.

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