19,731 Miles per Minute

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I find it extremely annoying that I hit this imaginary wall of sleepiness around 9 PM every night. Honestly, I feel like an old man. I'll try to have a conversation but often times I am completely zoned out. 

I often feel like I am going 19,731 miles per minute and there are no stop signs within my schedule. I know this pace is not manageable but different seasons of life bring different amounts of attention. This just so happens to be one of the busiest times that I can remember. One of my mentors told me yesterday:

When we have no margin in our schedules, relationships are the first things to go.
— Keith Smith

I need to make sure, in the hectic times, when my schedule is ruling me and I'm not ruling my schedule, to make time for those that I care about. I need to realize that even when it's the last thing that I need to do, it's sometimes the most important thing I can do; not only for the other person, but for myself. 

Even when we don't have time, we need to make time for those that matter.

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