An Open Letter to MVNU

"I like Indiana Wesleyan better", I said as dad exhales and replies, "I know, but we just ran the numbers and financially, it's just not possible". "What's your second choice?" my mother asks. In a defeated voice I say, "I guess it's...

Cancer was a blur

...when I first found out, betrayal, heartbreak, and madness washed over me. I felt as if God had let me down and betrayed me. I also knew that my life as I knew it was going to change and I didn't know if it was for the best or the worst.

Owning my Image

This time of my life was sad, dark and lonely.  I was never satisfied with what I looked like or who I was. There was no compliment to be said from a friend, boy or family member that could make me think any differently of myself.


We pass house after house as we travel from here to there and I can't help but think about the humans existing in each house. I'm not sure, but when I consider this, I always seem to resort to..