Can I be honest?

I don't have the answers.

However, in the midst of life, I will always ask the questions.

I believe the best catalyst for Good in the world starts with questions. Questions that help us rethink our assumptions, questions that spark an idea, questions that assist in our quest for identity.

I dream this space will become a place where my friends and I can start asking questions that can flicker a dialogue.

Oh, my name is Jake Vayda and my heart breaks for those who refuse to ask questions about their way of being on our Earth.



“Being the vocal leader, Jake has demonstrated his ability to create a united team while still being productive and making wise team decisions. His dream to create a mission field and love others wherever he is at has inspired so many. His motivation and dedication tells me that this dream will indeed become a reality, and I believe it already has for him.”
— Rachel Smart: High School teacher
“Jake Vayda is a leader, communicator, innovator, motivator and young man of integrity! Jake has a passion for life and a passion for others. He can hold the attention of the crowd and give a compelling message that challenges and changes lives.”
— -George Gribbon (Senior Pastor in Ohio)
“Within every staff you need one leader who is a leader by nature and not by title. I truly believe Jake’s presence has had a huge impact..and his absence would be greatly felt.”

— Jake Marcoux (Program Director)