Going through the Motions


So this is my first blog of 2019. This year has been the craziest one yet. I got married, I finished my masters, I’ll get out of debt next month. This year has also beat me down like no other year I have lived. To be honest, I took on too much, I tried to control the outcome of everything in my life and it has brought me to my knees. On the outside, much was accomplished, on the inside, I am confused about my identity.

  • Am I just the sum of all my accomplishments?

  • Am I the sum of all my failures?

At this point, I don’t feel much anymore. It’s kind of like living a world of black and white while peering out the window to life that has a vibrant color scale. Writing this blog is the start of my journey back to the other side of the window. Nobody knows how long it will take where my personality of passion, intentionality, and creativity will burst forth.

But here’s the thing, I am fighting for my than just myself, I am fighting for my wife and I am fighting for my ministry. I have been subjected to my circumstances for months, but no longer.

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